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    Your goal is to improve your brain health by memorizing walking patterns. Complete the patterns correctly and earn rewards and build a beautiful garden.

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  • Sounds simple right?

    The patterns get more difficult as you go from beginner to intermediate and into advanced, which is where you really get to see your garden blossom!

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Why do I need to exercise my brain and body?

Research shows that regular physical activity and exercise throughout life can reduce the risk of memory problems and dementia later in life. We know that exercise improves your heart health, but recent research shows that exercise can improve your brain health too.

By supporting physical activity and stimulating your brain while walking, HealtheBrain will improve your memory and your brain health!

In November 2013, the G8 Health summit recognized dementia as a global health concern. Statistics Canada predict that the number of Canadians over the age of 65 will be 10.4 million by the year 2036 – that is double the number from 2011 (Employment and Social Development Canada, 2014). The number of Canadians with cognitive impairment in 2011 was 747 000 and this number is expected to rise to 1.4 million by 2031 (Alzheimer Society Canada, 2012). Estimated costs of dementia are currently $33 billion. If no attempts are made to prevent and improve treatments, the cost is predicted to reach a staggering $293 billion by 2040 (Alzheimer Society Canada, 2012).

So How Does It Work?

Create a User profile on the home-screen

Clear enough walking space to do the patterns (approximately 25 feet)

Personally calibrate the app to your step length (in 10 steps)

The app will display a warmup for you to practice stepping before you begin.

HealtheBrain will display a stepping pattern that you must remember.

When you press 'Start' the pattern will dissapear and you can start stepping - Remember to hold your smartphone parallel to the floor to detect your steps.

When you complete a pattern, your accurancy perecentage will be displayed - 50% is a pass!

You can move onto another pattern or repeat the pattern as many times as you wish.